Blue Yeti Shock Mount Ikea Hack

I’ve been shopping around for a microphone arm and shock mount for my Blue Yeti mic. The cheap ones don’t support the weight of the Yeti, and the expensive ones are expensive.

So instead, I hacked an IKEA TERTIAL Work Lamp ($15 AUD), and with a few extra pieces, created my own.

Rather than assembling the lamp, I took to it with scissors, chopping of the bulb fixture and unthreading the power cable. Then I threaded the USB cable for the microphone, ready to plug in.

Next, I got to the 3D printing. This mount from Thingiverse did the trick very nicely. To “float” the microphone in the shock mount, I just clipped in black hair ties!

Unfortunately, the standard springs on the TERTIAL weren’t quite up to the weight. After a little trial and error, I found that replacing just one of the top springs with a C-143 size extension spring (14.3 x 76.2 x 1.372mm) provided the perfect balance.

As a bonus, my mic stand is now the exact same shade of grey as the HEKTAR work lamp on my desk.