Film Roundup: Jan 2020

I saw twelve films in January.

Little Women was my favourite, followed closely by The School of Rock (a classic). The 2019 adaptation of The Addams Family ranked worst.

On average, I rated the films 3.7 of 5 stars (74%), making me a harsher critic than Rotten Tomatoes by 6%.

I watched 8 of the films at home, 5 on Netflix, and 3 were torrented. I saw 4 at the cinema.

Date seenMovieYearDirectorStarsSource
2 JanuaryThe Gentlemen2020Guy Ritchie●●●◐○Cinema
4 JanuaryJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle2017Jake Kasdan●●●◐○Torrent
5 JanuaryJumanji: The Next Level2019Jake Kasdan●●●○○Cinema
6 JanuaryUncut Gems2019Safdie Brothers●●●●○Netflix
10 JanuaryLittle Women2019Greta Gerwig●●●●●Cinema
11 JanuaryMarriage Story2019Noah Baumbach●●●●◐Netflix
12 JanuaryStart Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker2019J. J. Abrams●●●◐○Cinema
16 JanuaryThe School of Rock2004Richard Linklater●●●●●Torrent
18 JanuaryThe Addams Family 2019Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon●◐○○○Torrent
22 JanuaryThe Irishman2019Martin Scorsese●●●●○Netflix
27 JanuaryModest Heroes2018Yonebayashi, Momose, & Yamashita●●●○○Netflix
29 JanuaryThe Two Popes2019Fernando Meirelles●●●●○Netflix