I’d really like to be actively writing again.

They say that the very act of writing helps you formulate better ideas, develop a point of view, problem solve.

As Andrew Sharp put it on the Sharp Tech podcast (I’m paraphrasing here): Writing allows me to come up with “hot takes”.

But be careful. There’s a danger to writing.

Putting an idea out into the world does something to the ego. It’s a little pump… a little inflation. The act of publishing is an act of defiance — a dare to disagree.

In a way, all creativity is the same. Deciding that you’re the best channel for the universe to flow through is an act for pure chutzpah.

It’s easy to misidentify yourself as the creator. You’re the conduit.

There’s another version of the previous sentence that goes:

It’s easy for me to misidentify myself as the creator. I’m the conduit.

See how I’m hedging there? I don’t want to assume I know everything, or what’s easy or difficult for YOU.

But the writing isn’t as strong. It’s less convincing. Less certain. More ego.

I think writing will change a lot in the next few years because of generative AI. Traditional rules and persuasive writing techniques will deprecate. Maybe writing will become more dithering and introspective. More unsure of itself. More human.

Anyway, I’m just trying to figure it all out.